Two Nonfiction/Journalism Pieces Now Live

I’m thrilled to have had two of my pieces recently appear online…

“My Blockbuster,” my nonfiction essay appearing on The Rumpus, takes on the “nostalgiafication” of the Blockbuster brand in contemporary media, contrasted with my experience working as a teenager in a Midwestern Blockbuster store during its last days.

“Chronic Pain, ‘Beautiful Suffering’ and the Endurance of Victorian Stoicism,” my critical commentary appearing on, explains how Victorian attitudes about pain and gender continue to dominate the stories we tell today, epitomized in the recent Invisibilia episode “The Fifth Vital Sign” (NPR podcasts).

Please read and share!

“My Blockbuster,” an essay forthcoming on The Rumpus

Super excited that my essay about nostalgia for Blockbuster Video (most recently evidenced in the Captain Marvel movie), and how it utterly clashes with my experience working at a Midwestern Blockbuster as a teen, is going to appear on The Rumpus! Should be coming out quite soon, so keep your eye on my Twitter or check back here for the link.