Poems for Ghost Women: “Sarah Winchester”, “Georgia Tann”, and “Isobel Gowdie” in Third Coast (2021).

… How right, to go into a hare, to be

chased by dogs and feel no fear

hunted but not grasped

How right to pluck the wool from the distaff

to bind the eyes of husbands and ministers

Me, served instead of serving

“Badlands” in Parcel (Fall 2011).

This, here, where we are, where there are three aspects to the land, like the Trinity, where first you’re seeing nothing but flatness, like pressing my cheek down against the ground and closing one eye and measuring with a level ruler, then it all drops to hell and there’s the Badlands…

“John and John and John and John” in Blue Island Review (2011).

What made you so afraid on the train?

such a professorial joke?

the snide definition of an era?

You are the table legs hidden by skirting

Those Victorian dashes stuttering through your admissions

Lie back, think of England…

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