Short Fiction

“Readings” in the Southern Review (2022).

… In the year she’d been on the DigiSpirits team, Alex had grown accustomed to the online comments from men on each of their episodes. Kevin, Max, and Jason didn’t get them, just Alex. Most were pathetic pleas for attention, praising her lips or her hair and wishing they could meet her—harmless, really, but disconcerting in their consistency… Alex didn’t read the comments anymore. But last week, she’d opened her Twitter to find dozens of mentions from one account, each message spilling out vile scenarios, promises, threats about what would take place in the dark corners of an investigation if he, this man, were on the team, desires to sink his teeth into her body. Read more here.

“Anonymous Donor” in Alaska Quarterly Review (2018).

… As some time went by, she stopped protesting, even half-
heartedly, when he threw a package of her favorite fancy
chocolates into their grocery cart when they shopped for dinner
ingredients. She stopped noticing, even, when he brought three
bottles of wine instead of one to their nights in at her place (one to
drink and two to leave “for the house”) – until she caught herself
and made herself notice anew, told him to quit it already, this was
the second time and she didn’t want to have this conversation again. She doubted herself. Read more here.

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