Fiction and Nonfiction:

“My Blockbuster,” nonfiction essay. Forthcoming on The Rumpus.

“Anonymous Donor,” short story. Published in Alaska Quarterly Review, Winter/Spring 2018.

“A Genealogy of Collision: Robyn Schiff’s A Woman of Property,” review essay in the Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies 17. 1. 2017.

“The Muscle and the Eye,” short story. Published in The Southeast Review, Fall 2015. Read Contributor Spotlight and the story itself here.

  • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“Good Faith,” short story. Anthologized in The O. Henry Prize Stories 2014. Purchase here or at bookstores.

“I Know Who Likes You,” short story. Published by the Monkeybicycle podcast.  Listen and download here.

“Good Faith,” short story.  Published in The Cincinnati Review 9.2, Winter 2013.

“The Bones in Mammal Hall,” nonfiction essay. Published in Confrontation 112 in Fall 2012.

“Weight Loss,” short story. Published by Used Furniture Review, August 27, 2012.

“Shapeway,” short story. Published in Monkeybicycle 9, Summer 2012.  Listen to the story here.

Praise for “Shapeway”:

  • Some of the stories are complex, layered narratives, with an early example of this being “Shapeway” by Colleen Morrissey…  beautifully written, tense…”  Jamie Yates, with the rest at Chicago Ex-Patriate.
  • “There is plenty to appreciate in Monkeybicylce9, but “Shapeway” – unbelievably Ms. Morrissey’s fiction debut – demands to be singled out by this reviewer…” Christopher McCormick, with the rest at The Review Review
  • “I have not read a story I’ve loved as much as I love Colleen Morrissey’s ‘Shapeway’ from Monkeybicycle 9. I’ve read it several times. I’ve taken it to bed with me. I’ve smiled at it again and again and again. It’s so perfect, I can hardly talk about it… If you read nothing else in this issue, read this. If you need one reason to buy this issue, this is it: ‘Shapeway.'”
    Joe Sullivan, with the rest at his blog.



“Badlands.”  Published in Parcel, Fall 2011.

  • Praise for “Badlands”: It’s wonderfully atmospheric, while also incorporating delicate narrative elements, and each time I felt like something familiar was approaching, the poem took me in a different direction. We’re really excited to have it in the magazine. — Kate Lorenz, founding editor

“John and John and John and John.”  Published in Blue Island Review, 2011.



“‘Alive to Distant, Dead to Near’: Masochism, Suicide, and Masculinity in North and South.” Studies in the Novel 51.2 (Summer 2019). Forthcoming.

“Rewriting the Romantic Satan: The Sorrows and Cynicism of Marie Corelli,” in The Female Fantastic, 1860-1930: On the Gendered Supernatural in Texts by WomenRoutledge. 2018.

“From ‘Girl Alone’ to ‘Genius’: Corelli’s Transforming Epistolary Rhetoric,” in Reinventing Marie Corelli for the Twenty-First Century. Anthem Press. Forthcoming.

“Mackay, Mary (pseudo. Marie Corelli).” Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR), eds. Christine Helmer et al. De Gruyter. Forthcoming.


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