A Review of “Shapeway” that Wants to Make Me Cry

Joe Sullivan has reviewed Monkeybicycle 9 on his blog, and he has this to say about my story “Shapeway”:

“I have not read a story I’ve loved as much as I love Colleen Morrissey’s ‘Shapeway’ from Monkeybicycle 9. I’ve read it several times. I’ve taken it to bed with me. I’ve smiled at it again and again and again. It’s so perfect, I can hardly talk about it… If you read nothing else in this issue, read this. If you need one reason to buy this issue, this is it: ‘Shapeway.’”

Thank you, Joe.  I appreciate it very deeply.

Please read the rest of the review at his blog.


2 responses to “A Review of “Shapeway” that Wants to Make Me Cry”

  1. Of course. This was one of the best stories I’ve read in recent years. There was so much heart to it. Everything I think literature should be. Not cleverness, but real emotion. But also real restraint, which even made it better. They say it’s what’s not said as much as what’s said that makes stories great, and this one had it. Please don’t cry. I was very grateful to read it and write about it.

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