The Law of Threes has been Fuflilled

Some more lovely news: My piece “The Bones in Mammal Hall” has been accepted for publication by Confrontation.  No word yet on which issue, but I will let you know when I know.

I actually originally submitted “The Bones in Mammal Hall,” to Confrontation and elsewhere, as a short work of fiction, but when I got the acceptance email this morning, the editor asked if they could categorize it as an essay.  I responded, naturally, that this was fine by me– I actually wondered when I first began to submit it some time ago whether I ought to submit it as nonfiction.  The setting is real, and it’s based on my surreal ramblings through the Natural History Museum at the University of Iowa, but I play with character and narrative voice in a way that seemed “fictional” to me.  This flexibility, I suppose, is what that new and useful term “creative nonfiction” is all about.  Whatever it’s being called, I am ecstatic that I get to unleash it on the world thanks to the kind folks at Confrontation.




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