“The Bones in Mammal Hall” now appearing in Confrontation

I am very excited to say that my creative nonfiction piece “The Bones in Mammal Hall” is now out in Confrontation 112, Fall 2012.  You can purchase a copy here!

I mean, look at this guy.

The piece is about the University of Iowa’s natural history museum, which is pretty surreal (to say the least) and was one of my favorite places on campus when I went to school there. You can see one of the fine specimens to your right.

“Good Faith” now out in The Cincinnati Review & Friends in Parcel

Received my copy of The Cincinnati Review issue 9.2 (Winter 2013) in the mail yesterday!  Please check out my story “Good Faith,” which appears in this issue; click here to purchase a copy for only $9.

Also, two friends and colleagues of mine at the University of Kansas have work appearing in the Fall 2012 issue of Parcel: Benjamin D. Cartwright and Phillip Garland.  Their office is across the hall from mine! Parcel is a great magazine which gave me my very first publication.  Please check out the Fall 2012 issue here.