Another intensely kind review of “Shapeway”

Christopher McCormick of The Review Review has reviewed Monkeybicycle9 and has included some really wonderful things about “Shapeway.”  Here’s a preview…

“There is plenty to appreciate in Monkeybicylce9, but “Shapeway” – unbelievably Ms. Morrissey’s fiction debut – demands to be singled out by this reviewer…  I’d be surprised if Ms. Morrissey isn’t an avid reader of Alice Munro- she has the same compassion for her characters, imperfect but morally tuned, and a similar ability to write quiet sentences full of longing and heart, vacant of sentimentality. I’d be surprised, too, if I don’t see more stories soon from Colleen Morrissey.”

Read the review in its entirety here.  I really can’t say how gratified and flattered I am by this.  I’m so glad people are enjoying the story.  Thanks so much, Christopher!

Invisible Stagehands (or, now I have a Goodreads author profile)

I have a Goodreads author profile now, officially claimed since I discovered this morning that someone had referenced me with regards to Monkeybicycle9 on Goodreads– probably the good folks at Monkeybicycle themselves.  I am as brand new as you can get on the site, so friend me or do other Goodreads-related things, please!

Also was delighted to discover today that people had been searching me and coming across this website.

To you invisible people, hello.

And sorry about the other Colleen Morrisseys that come up on Google when you just search my name.  They are nuisances and clearly trying to steal my thunder.  I don’t have the Google magic that would put me on at least the first page of results for “Colleen Morrissey.”  Maybe the amount of times I’ve typed my own name in this post will help?