The Law of Threes has been Fuflilled

Some more lovely news: My piece “The Bones in Mammal Hall” has been accepted for publication by Confrontation.  No word yet on which issue, but I will let you know when I know.

I actually originally submitted “The Bones in Mammal Hall,” to Confrontation and elsewhere, as a short work of fiction, but when I got the acceptance email this morning, the editor asked if they could categorize it as an essay.  I responded, naturally, that this was fine by me– I actually wondered when I first began to submit it some time ago whether I ought to submit it as nonfiction.  The setting is real, and it’s based on my surreal ramblings through the Natural History Museum at the University of Iowa, but I play with character and narrative voice in a way that seemed “fictional” to me.  This flexibility, I suppose, is what that new and useful term “creative nonfiction” is all about.  Whatever it’s being called, I am ecstatic that I get to unleash it on the world thanks to the kind folks at Confrontation.



Monkeybicycle9 drops today!

Today, Monkeybicycle9, in which my short story “Shapeway” appears, officially drops!  It’s available for purchase through Monkeybicycle‘s website, and if you order this week, they will send you a back issue of the magazine for free; that is two Monkeybicycles for the price of one, which is a steal.  That’s the lovely cover there on the right.  What a lovely pink addition it will make to your bookshelf.