Two Exciting Items

According to the Law of Threes, I should have one more awesome thing coming my way today.  But these two pieces of news are quite enough by themselves:

1)  Monkeybicycle9, in which my story “Shapeway” will appear, is now available for preorder at a discounted price of $10.  Regular listed price for the print version is $12, so you can use that saved $2 to buy the ebook version which I understand will be available after the print version.  (I know you’ll want to carry “Shapeway” around on your various devices in ebook form, but if you’re reading this I’m betting you’re also a print fetishist– thus the perfection of the preorder discount.)

2)  My story “Good Faith” has been accepted for publication by The Cincinnati Review, issue 9.2, which is slated to come out in November 2012.  I’m ecstatic to be a part of such a fine publication.

Pleased as punch, my friends, pleased as punch.  If you will be so good, consider purchasing yourself a fine edition of Monkeybicycle9, which I know you will enjoy, and I hope you like “Shapeway” as well.  Come back here and tell me how much you love it.