This is the (semi) professional and (always) ambivalent creative writing website of Colleen Morrissey.

This is the place I send (1) potential or current editors and publishers and (2) people whose writing/faces I like or whose cats I’ve petted.  If you’re in the former category, you’ll probably want to check out my “publications”  and “readings & events” tabs, while those in the latter category… will also want to click on the aforementioned tabs.  If you want to, you can also check out my bio and make fun of my picture.  Think of this website as a business lunch in somebody’s backyard; the attitude is laid-back but everyone is dressed nicely.


2 thoughts on “Welcome.

    • Graduate school has essentially made me too meta-minded for anything. I think things like, “What does this Welcome page say about my construction of my own public identity?” I really annoy myself.

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